2017 Ford GT Interior and Price

2017 Ford GT - front

New American model 2017 Ford GT, with its appearance will delight the fans of fast driving. It represents a set of modern and retro style in the best way.

2017 Ford GT Exterior Review and Changes

External changes to the new Ford GT are inevitable. But a lot of influence will have the appearance of the outgoing model. The design is as always harmonious, with all the necessary details. Enough is improved aerodynamics as it is created greater down force, so the form is totally in line with the intended use of the vehicle. Totally justified will carry the name of a super high-performance car. More advanced visual aggression with an active rear spoiler. The chassis is extremely rigid made of carbon fiber, as well as being lightweight. In other words, the weight of vehicles Ford GT should be reduced. Functional LED lights will decorate the front of the vehicle. Light units of the same quality are set and on the back side. There are also increased open for air circulation. Positioned on the front and on the sides, next to the door in front of the rear bumpers. Also the hood line will be refreshed with holes for air circulation.

2017 Ford GT - exterior

2017 Ford GT Interior Design and Changes

The interior is furnished simply and functionally. But of course sporty, with all the necessary elements. Every detail is reminiscent of a racing car. 2017 Ford GT will have a sports steering wheel in leather and probably equipped with specific keys. Instrumentation panel is digitized and adapted to the needs of drivers. We should emphasize the presence of 3 Sync infotainment system. It promises a very modern equipment. Of course, a great audio player with plenty of options and many telecommunications options. Comfort will be good, because it is supported by a large ergonomic sports seats. However it is necessary the comfortably seat if the ride is aggressive. Especially in bends. And that kind of driving is unavoidable, if you are behind the wheel of a Ford GT. In large part will be represented and safety functions, to make driving as safe as possible. Big part of control functions will be performed by the central display, which is located at the center of the cockpit. Conclusion is this: we will have a fast, high quality and above all very modern vehicle ready for adventure and speed. For drivers who are dependent on adrenaline.

2017 Ford GT - interior

2017 Ford GT Engine Options and Performances

What awaits us under the hood of model 2017 Ford GT is a beast. It will this time be a 3.5-liter V6 EcoBoost engine with incredible power of 608 hp. It will operate with a 7 speed automatic transmission with double clutch. Acceleration from 0 to 60 mph this energetic little car will achieve in just 3.2 seconds. Delivers a top speed of about 200 mph. These figures are truly impressive and comes with a new desire to drivers. First of all to be on a race track and check on what the Ford GT is capable of.

2017 Ford GT - engine

Release Date and Price for 2017 Ford GT

For now, the car is under heavy preparations. Both outside and inside. Everything is still possible to change and trimmed to perfection. Probably that will appear at the end of next year. Price is unknown but likely to be not much different from the price of the current model, which is about $ 140,000. As the main competitors in the game will be Ferrari 488GT, Ferrari 458, McLaren 650S, Porsche 911, Ferrari F12 and Lamborghini Huracan.

2017 Ford GT - release date

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