2016 Nissan Z concept and price

2016-nissan - pocetna-z

2016 Nissan Z will appear on the market in early 2016 as the successor to the current model 370Z.With many improvements will try to justify designation Z.

2016 Nissan Z engines

2016 Nissan Z will shine in a new light with its creators.It will work with new design.The new model will be lighter, smaller and will run by Vv6 4-cylinder engine in a limited edition.The option should be found and automatic transmission, and under the hood improved gasoline turbo engine.This engine could be a product of the collaboration between the company Nissan and Renault. But everything about the 2016 Nissan Z is still largely a secret.Mr Andy Palmer Vice President of Nissan, said it may offer a version of the 6-cylinder model but in limited quantities.It is well known that the 2016 Nissan Z will use turbo charger which will certainly provide a very exciting ride.Regarding the choice of the engine option is currently 1.6 turbo over 200bhp or 2.0 turbo witch is not certainly.

2016 Nissan Z - engine

2016 Nissan Z design an interior

2016 Nissan Z may just fulfill your expectations and more.This displays a modern design, clean power to the wheels, curved lines on the hood, front and rear and roof.This will add a dose of aggression to those who watch it slide by.Body will be for the most part made of aluminum which will affect the consumption of car.For those who would enjoy a racetrack,new 2016 Nissan Z will have a difference in the limited slip.The interior layout will certainly not deviate much from its predecessor, but each owner will get comfortable, stylish and powerful car.

2016 Nissan Z - interior

2016 Nissam Z price

2016 Nissan Z should go into production in the 2015th year, and its starting price will be around 35,000$ and the more,depending on the customer’s wishes.

2016 Nissan Z - price

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