2016 Honda Civic redesign

2016 Honda Civic - front

2016 Honda Civic will once again enthrall their quality and spirit. Popularity is built for years and only grew. Now it should reach its peak.

Exterior design for 2016 Honda Civic

2016 Honda Civic is a sports oriented car. Has a different design concept from other vehicles in its class. It can be very good, but also very bad for the car. Depends on taht, how the drivers accept innovations. Attractive upgrade affect the external appearance of the car. Set the new LED lights in the bottom of the mask. They have very modern form and provide additional sharpness of the vehicle. The rear lights are completely different but ideally integrated into the whole ambience. Great futuristic design and space this time will be mitigated. Easily can be called modern design. The mask in front of the refrigerator is recognizable and very impressive. Chassis and platform will likely undergo some changes in order to improve the functionalities of the vehicle. 

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Honda Civic is made of high quality and lighter materials. In this way, the weight could be reduced. But in the question is not brought stability and firmness of the vehicle. That part was brought to perfection. Body contains five doors. Handles on the rear doors are very cleverly disguised and looks phenomenal. Other handles are in body color. Rear doors contain a functional spoiler with signal light. The bumpers were enlarged and are ideally integrated into the rest of the parts. Honda Accord will be sold in several different but equally good quality external colors. Each driver receives an attractive vehicle with excellent aerodynamics and performance. And of course with the new redesigned alloy wheels.

2016 Honda Civic - exterior design

2016 Honda Civic – interior

The interior of the 2016 Honda Civic is adorned with a futuristic look and sporty details. Finishing is perfect but can be seen details of high luxury. The front seats are sports with additional side holders. For this reason, fast and aggressive ride passes without too much discomfort and interference. But at the same time if you are traveling long distance they are comfortable and relaxing. Equipped with electronic settings. Rear seat is also very comfortable and can accommodate up to three passengers. This means that the cabin of Honda Civic totaly can accommodate up to five passengers. Although, the trunk is not too big but enough for everyone’s average needs. The steering wheel is covered with leather and ideally lies in the hands. It is very accurate and obedient.

The cabin has plenty of buttons. But this should not worry you. Usage is quite simple and easy. Each part has its own meaning and reason for existence. Part of commands are set on the steering wheel, part on the door, and the rest on the central panel. Built-in high-quality audio system with all necessary accessories. These are the USB port, bluetooth, player of great features, quality speakers and so on. Technology piece of equipment has advanced. Inserted a lot of new features and systems. There is, for example, Dual-zone automatic climate control, navigation system of the new generation, automatic windows, parking camera, a system for communication and so on. Internet connection has not yet been confirmed but it is all hope. All the above functions will be broadcast via the LCD touch screen. Located in the central part of the cockpit and slightly toward to the driver.

2016 Honda Civic - interior

Safety features for 2016 Honda Civic

Security is one of the most important factors when deciding on buying a car. What safer the better. Especially if the passengers are children. 2016 Honda Civic will certainly keep its occupants in a variety of ways. There is enough airbags, various sensors for safety, ABS, ESP, automatic lights, active head restraints, Hill Start Assist and much more. During the completion of the test safety Honda Accord belonged to the group of the safest compact car.

2016 Honda Civic – engines

As for the drive unit Honda Civic will certainly be designed with good and more efficient engines. Less than that can not to be expected. Exact details were not disclosed, but there are always rumors and assumptions. Just that rumors announce good 4 cylinder engine. It could be a 1.5-liter or 1.6-liter engine. These are turbo engines with an output of about 200 HP. Model Civic Si should be equipped with a more powerful engine that had a power of about 280 HP. As for the transmission chance gets a 6-speed transmission.

2016 Honda Civic - engine

Release date and price for the 2016 Honda Civic

2016 Honda Civic should appear at the end of this year or early 2016 at the latest. If all goes according to plan. One of the main competitors are the Ford Focus


Audi A3


or BMW 1 .

2016 Honda Civic - release date and price

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