2016 Ford Raptor design and price

2016 Ford Raptor - front

2016 Ford Raptor is a high quality off-road vehicle.It is designed for rugged terrain and it is the best in class.Produced by the American company Ford.

Strong and durable exterior design of 2016 Ford Raptor

2016 Ford Raptor is designed very modern.It has great opportunities if you are attracted to adventure.The body is slightly wider compared to regular pickup from the F series.It is made of aluminum which makes it easier.Front and rear has been redesigned with extended wheel arches.The look is more aggressive and dynamic.Will share a platform with the model F-150.Uniqueness is what is leading feature of this truck.Large front grille is set above the solid bumper.Everything was strengthened and prepared for all potential driving conditions.The headlights are equipped with high-quality lighting.Framed with LED strip which also represents the blinkers.On the cabin are two doors but it is extended.Telescopic mirrors provide an excellent view of the road and luggage in the trailer.Below the door is built step for easier entry into the cabin.The roof is equipped with an electronic slide, which optionally can be dimmed.The rear of the Raptor represents the functional trailer.The door is opened by pressing the large handles at the top.The lights are mounted vertically on the very edge.Bumper has a dual role.It is very sturdy and rejects all external influences.But at the same time somehow helps when loading luggage because the driver can stand on it.On the upper side is flat.The interior of the trailer is coated with a special material.Represents the protection or the inability to slip things in the trailer.It has all the necessary connections for tools, accessories and attachment points for rope.The entire exhaust system has been redesigned.On both sides is placed a chrome exhaust pipe.With the truck will be incorporated the new rims in size of 17 inches.

2016 Ford Raptor - exterior design

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The interior, which is totally suitable for the 2016 Ford Raptor

Ford Raptor has a very spacious cabin.It can accommodate up to five passengers.The seats are comfortable and perfectly absorb every bump.The lesther would be superfluous, so the designers decided to use quality fabrics.Adjusted electronically in several ways.Enough partitions is scheduled for disposal of minor things.Many functions are equipped in Raptor.Steering wheel with every rightly can be called multifunctional.It contains a lot of buttons to manage, and it makes it easier to drive.Many changes can be observed.Were used quality materials, better distribution systems and a digitization is increased.The driver has excellent visibility and control of the vehicle.In the middle of the cockpit is fitted a large touch screen display.It is connected with the system of communication, audio options, some security features, etc.Air vents are large and most dominate angular shapes.There are still plenty of items on the list of equipment.

2016 Ford Raptor - interior

The powerful engine under the hood of the 2016 Ford Raptor

The choice of engines comply with the characteristics and potential of the truck such as a Raptor.According to current plans offer will consist of three engines.The greatest power will display 6.2-liter V8 engine.It will produce an output of 411HP.The second in the offer will be 5.0-liter V8 engine.Shall constitute a motor of low consumption and good performances.As the third engine should be introduced 3.5-liter EcoBoost V6 engine.It is capable of producing an output of 365HP and torque of 420lb / ft.The power will be transferred to the wheels via a 10 speed automatic transmission.All of the above will contribute to a good ride, durability of the Raptor and tractive effort.

2016 Ford Raptor - engine

What is the release date and price for the 2016 Ford Raptor?

Ford Raptor was presented with a spectacular exhibition in Detroit that is in progress.It’s probably just the beginning of the presentation that come in the future.The final price will depend on the equipment that is represented.The basic model could cost around 46,000$.

2016 Ford Raptor - release date and price

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