2016 Dodge Dakota review and price

2016 Dodge Dakota - front

2016 Dodge Dakota first appeared on sale in 1987. As a mid-size pickup truck by Chrysler,it’s a representative of the fourth generation of the vehicle.

2016 Dodge Dakota design

2016 Dodge Dakota this time should be slightly larger than its predecessor. More modern, luxurious and dynamic task is to attract old and new customers. Cargo area could be reduced,but it still will be able to transfer a lot of cargo. The chassis has four doors and a large trailer. On the trailer is tailgate, whose opening much easier loading up any luggage. On the front is chrome grille and stylish headlights. On both sides of the entire length of the cabin is fitted chrome trim. Front and rear bumper are painted in body color. Although a 2016 Dodge Dakota pickup is primarily for the transportation and work a new generation meets other requirements.You can simply enjoy the ride on flat roads and a nice relax.

2016 Dodge Dakota - design

2016 Dodge Dakota interior

2016 Dodge Dakota gets interior in line with today’s demands. Stylish and functional. But above all, with a lot of useful equipment, both for business and for fun. The seats are comfortable and can be adjusted. The materials of which made the interior space are high quality and very nice looking. Plenty of room is left for small items and glass. The equipment is very satisfactory and comprehensive. New audio player, air conditioning, functional steering wheel, a digital LCD display, compass, thermometer, etc. Built-in and a new state of the art defrost the windscreen that can do the work 30% faster than before. The presentation includes Defogger side windows, modern cabin ventilation system, CD player, travel accounts, ABS, and more.

2016 Dodge Dakota - interior

2016 Dodge Dakota engine

2016 Dodge Dakota should be able to obtain under its hood engine which will be different from all its competitors.Details on what the engine is doing is still not possible to find out. The assumptions are that it is a 4 cylinder V6 engine that will deliver a great ride and performance. But the 2016 Dodge Dakota is produced in several variants with different levels of equipment, it may be more engine choice.

2016 Dodge Dakota - engine

2016 Dodge Dakota price

2016 Dodge Dakota was sold from 1992 to 2005 about 100,000 copies a year. Now sales dropped to 60,000 a year, which is almost half less. From the factory only hope for the best outcome,when it comes to the new model. The price is still unknown but the truck still has a lot to be added or subtracted. Until it comes to a perfection.

2016 Dodge Dakota - price


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4 Responses to 2016 Dodge Dakota review and price

  1. Scott Weselis says:

    Worst car theories/rumors ever. I’ve called Chrysler on this and been told first-hand that the Dodge Dakota is dead and…”not coming back. There is very little demand for smaller trucks and the Ram 1500 V6 costs the same and mostly fits the same niche.” I disagree, but what do I know? I’m just a consumer.

    • Maridith Denton says:

      I agree with Scott. We have a 2000 Dakota and we love it, with a cap on it, it’s a car and super utility vehicle! But ours is getting old. I was so hoping Chrysler was going to bring it back. The Ram is too big, too high for me and will not fit in the garage. Please Chrysler reconsider and bring back this great little truck.

  2. Al Peters says:

    I too am very disappointed w/Chrysler discontinuing the Dakota I have a 2004 sxt I bought new and love it. I would like to replace it w/ a 4×4 Dakota but not used. The Toyota my be my best option, but been a dodge man as was my Dad.

  3. Gator Jim says:

    I’ve owned five Dakotas. My latest is a 2008 4×4 crew cab. Laramie trim. It’s got 250,000 miles and not the first mechanical issue. Fantastic vehicle. I too wish Dodge would bring this model back. Ram is too big for my garage and I don’t care if they cost the same, I won’t buy a ram. It’s not what I want. May have to go with the new Chevy or GMC midsize truck. Take the hint Dodge!

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