2015 Volkswagen T-Rock review and release date

2015 Volkswagen T-Rock - front

2015 Volkswagen T-Rock show an entirely new direction when it comes to SUVs.The German manufacturer, and this time surprised many fans of their vehicles.

What is the design of the 2015 Volkswagen T-Rock?

Incredibly powerful and totally futuristic design makes the concept of T-Rock.The whole concept of SUV gains a new dimension and a new idea.It is produced by the concept CrossBlue for the North American market.On the front is built phenomenal mask in a grid with larger holes.It extends from one to another light and has a thinner form than usual.Headlights have a very aggressive and stylish form.They are equipped with LED lights in the form of three bands.A little lower are located daytime running lights or fog lights to larger circular tray.Below the lights is well hidden camera that records everything that happens in front of the car. When the driver starts Offroad driving,automatically activates the spotlight and cameras.The external appearance has more features.It seems sports, luxury,as a large sedan and SUV.It is prepared for a variety of terrain such as sand, mud, snow, rain and humpback various ways.But it is also suitable for city streets and highways.The body is pretty massive, which further affects to the safety of the passengers.T-Rock has a plastic undercarriage on the chassis body and nice wheels of 19 inches.The rear part is very attractive with modern signal light and rectangular exhaust pipes.The entire model is based on the MQB platform, and therefore has an excellent weight. Such a massive and large weighs only 1,420 kg. What should be emphasized is the mobile roof. For the first time it appears an SUV that has the ability to be a convertible. The roof is made up of two parts and only one push of a button the entire roof is packed in the trunk.Truly phenomenal innovation that will interest many. 

2015 Volkswagen T-Rock - design

What is the interior og the 2015 Volkswagen T-Rock?

Interior of the VW T-Rock is just indescribably good.Every detail has been specifically planned and placed to the right place.The entire cabin is padded with leather and also a very comfortable seats.Additional details makes blue metallic equipment that is combined with black color.Rear bench is split and is equipped with extra buttons for the climate.The passengers in the back can use tablet device that is removable and on it is the whole infotainment system.One camera is mounted in the view mirror in the cabin roof.Has the option of recording HD through the windscreen.In the central part is a very large touch screen display. Its size is even 12.3 inches. It provides all the necessary information about the condition of the vehicle, the audio system, navigation, and more.Driving can be moved in three possible modes. These are Street, Offroad and Snow. 

2015 Volkswagen T-Rock - interior

What is the ingeni at the 2015 Volkswagen T-Rock?

Under the hood of this fantastic vehicle there will engine with a good performance.It is 2.0 litatski 4 cylinder TDI engine.It will be able to produce a force of 184hp and torque of 380lb/ft.With it is matched DSG 4Motion system with drive to all four wheels.This huge SUV accelerates from 0 to 60mph in just 6.9 seconds.Develop a maximum speed of 125mph.Fuel economy is great and sure to be one of the more economical vehicles.It consumes only 4.9 liters per flown 60 miles.

2015 Volkswagen T-Rock - engine

What is the price and release date of the 2015 Volkswagen T-Rock?

The model has not yet been finalized and it is still not close to the manufacturing plant.That moment will happen, but still from the factory are not sure whether sales will be in 2015 or 2016.Therefore the price is not known and can not be assumed how muchcould be.

2015 Volkswagen T-Rock - price


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