2015 Toyota Supra price and specs

2015 Toyota Supra - front

2015 Toyota Supra ranks high on the scale of sports cars. Leaders of Toyota Motors Corporation can proudly present the third generation of this car.

2015 Toyota Supra design

2015 Toyota Supra gets redesigned, more aggressive and more powerful appearance. Should mention that this is a hybrid car. Car of the future. The new grille, under the slanted and elongated LED headlights in a way opens up a whole car. Full story contributes installation of swooping hood. Air-fed are at the perfect angle to be almost imperceptible and yet contribute to the appearance of the body. Last part is just fascinating because it has a pronounced upper spoiler, so you have the feeling you are in a real race car. Tail lights of 2015 Toyota Supra are quite rounded which only contributes to the sporty look. Everything is finalized by inserting double exhaust, without which there can be such a runner. Such a body on the road will bring new beautiful alloy wheels. The whole line is very compact and dressed up to the point that you can hardly notice any objection.

2015 Toyota Supra - design

2015 Toyota Supra interior

2015 Toyota Supra its interior can proudly display as it is in the true spirit of sports. A modern, restyled with all the necessary accessories to a top level. Making materials are high quality, and a good portion is made of carbon fiber. The seats are upholstered in leather and really comfortable. Contributions are warm colors blended professionally equipped. Technological progress is great, because what may be missing such a car like the 2015 Toyota Supra. System security and entertainment is promoted. Since this is a hybrid-car future, so is the interior. New spet lines, modern look, quite rounded but sharp at the same time,gives a truly unique interior look. Details are not yet known, but competitors may be concerned.

2015 Toyota Supra - interior

2015 Toyota Supra engine

2015 Toyota Supra  in accordance with their performance,must have such a motor. And what to expect from such a sports car? You are able to choose the 3.5-liter V6 engine that will erupt 350hp and torque of 275lb/ft. But if you need something stronger it is possible a 5-liter V8 engine that is capable of producing a whopping 450HP and torque of 383lb/ft. Top speed of both engines will be limited to 275km / h. The factory has the option of  hybrid V6 engine with a magnitude of about 400Hp. The electric motor will drive the front wheels and a gasoline refers to the last drive. All of this is not yet certain. Whatever it is found under the hood we believe that there will be no mistake.

2015 Toyota Supra - engine

2015 Toyota Supra price

2015 Toyota Supra is expected in showrooms in 2015. Surely that lovers of speed and sporting-aggressive driving may have to be patient, but it will pay off. Truly a phenomenal car with high performance in which you will surely be noticed. And to get to that, you will need to set aside $ 40,000 all the way up to $ 50,000 if the equipment level is at the highest level.

2015 Toyota Supra - price

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