2015 Toyota Sequoia redesign and price

2015 Toyota Sequoia - front

2015 Toyota Sequoia is a large SUV vehicle from the Japanese manufacturer Toyota.Produced in Princeton, Indiana in the United States since the 2000 year.

What is the redesign of the 2015 Toyota Sequoia?

2015 Toyota Sequoia will certainly experience some changes in the external appearance.Redesigned will certainly meet the expectations of many fans of these vehicle.And this time it’s built on the same concept.It is characteristic a large chrome front grille and stylish headlamps with beautiful and dynamic shape.They are equipped with the highest quality lights with excellent visibility.Below the headlights are round fog lights.The redesign also included the back of the SUV.Lighting system is more advanced and more aggressive than before.A great roof spoiler and roof rails are bulit in which certainly have their purpose.The body is quite long and is noticeable in the pictures and additional third row of windows.The second and third row of windows are tinted and also the rear windscreen.Changes in the tailgate are certainly positive and in the middle is fitted chrome details and below the door lock.

2015 Toyota Sequoia - redesign

What is the interior of the 2015 Toyota Sequoia?

From the below Sequoia cabin picture noticeable are changes in step with the times and the competition.The interior still has three rows of seats, plenty of space and a very comfortable ride.The materials in the making are as good as ever when it comes to these vehicles.This is primarily a family vehicle and for that reason, safety equipment is at a high level.The center console is very compact and well planned.In the middle is a large touch screen LCD dislpay of 9 inches.The equipment will also include DVD navigation with laser control.To make driving fun passengers will be able to use two wireless headphones and an entertainment system.The steering wheel is a Four-Way and makes easier to driver to manage a certain level of functionality of the car.It is primarily the telephone, air conditioning, performance audio system and others.The luggage compartment is spacious and you can carry a lot of stuff.Specs of the 2015 Toyota Sequioa is quite clear.Much has been mentioned but there is still much to offer.

2015 Toyota Sequoia - interior

What is the engine in the 2015 Toyota Sequoia?

2015 Toyota Sequoia under its hood could host a brand new motor.The information is still unofficial if it will happen or it remains the engine of the previous model.If this happens it will be a 5.7 liter V8 engine.Produce a power of 381Hp and torque of 401lb/ft.Will consume a gallon to 13 miles of city driving and 17 miles on the highway.Drive is put to all four wheels on which are mounted brake discs.This engine has excellent features and is suitable for various fields as well as the SUV. 

2015 Toyota Sequoia - engine

What is the release date and the price of the 2015 Toyota Sequoia?

The exact date when the Sequoia could appear on the market is unknown.Surely that will be presented at some car shows, especially in America.However sales were scheduled for 2015 year.As for the price there is no concrete data on the amount.It is assumed that they will not look out far more than the price of the previous model.If it is so the price will be around $ 42,000. 

2015 Toyota Sequoia - price


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2 Responses to 2015 Toyota Sequoia redesign and price

  1. I have find a rear picture of 2015 Toyota Sequoia, believe me that is the car I was waiting for, however could not see the picture of front view. Please, send me all information including pictures.

  2. Thabet says:

    Hello 2015 Sequoia & welcome to the new world.
    Could you please confirm the exact date when the 2015 Sequoia will be available on the Saudi Arabia and UAE market.

    What is the major design change between 2014 & 2015, including the price?

    looking forward to See 2015 Sequoia as soon as possible.


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