2015 Toyota FCV review and price

2015 Toyota FCV - front

2015 Toyota FCV appears as a mid-sized sedan. Japanese companies are always at the top in innovation  which represent the future of the auto industry.

2015 Toyota FCV design

2015 Toyota FCV has really stylish and impressive outward appearance. Everything on the car is well thought out and assembled to achieve perfect line and aerodynamics.Vehicle dimensions are such that they provide excellent performance. The length is 191.7 inches, width 71.2 inches, height 60.4 inches and a wheelbase of 109.4 inches. This is the concept vehicle and hav two hydrogen tank under a high pressure. They are located under the vehicle body. Exterior color is blue because specific resembles a drop of water, which is associated with something clean. A 2015 Toyota FCV itself is the absolute ruler of Environmental Protection. On the front side are two larger triangular lattice below the headlights. These grids appear to be of a better plastic and under it are placed the large turn indicators. The hood is somehow elevated and below have built a modern slim headlights. In the middle is the logo of the company but also in blue color. And taillights are shaped like a triangle improvizovanig, and across the full rear door is a red trim with blinkers on it. The whole car is very massive.

2015 Toyota FCV - design

2015 Toyota FCV interior

2015 Toyota FCV has a cabin that looks like the spacecraft.But on the positive side. Everything is very well designed and at the same time functional. The materials in the preparation are in high quality which is immediately reflected on the ride comfort. From equipment and command has almost everything. Installed very easily and doesn’t draws too much attention.On the three-spoke steering wheel are some commands of the vehicles. In front of the driver is a digital speedometer, small but very clear.In the central part are larger display through which driver can manage audio player, air conditioning, communication with the outside world, various security systems etc.just above is located the second display and one more smaller next to it. Truly the pinnacle of technology and digital toys. Passengers in the rear are able to spend time with the display in the middle part,which is extracted from the armrest.

2015 Toyota FCV - interior

2015 Toyota FCV engines

2015 Toyota FCV is quite impressive as far as the specification of the engine. Starting the vehicle using hydrogen is becoming increasingly popular and many companies are investing their resources in order to appear with such models on the market. In these cars gasoline engine is replaced with a fuel cell. In them, the combination of hydrogen with oxygen creates a chemical reaction which results in the creation of electrical energy. Next this electricity is used to run the electric motor and charge the battery. It’s actually very simple. 2015 Toyota FCV this time on it will have only two tanks but the same abilities as four. With full tanks it is possible to pass about 310 miles. Strength of this actuator is 134HP. When it is full can  supply with electricity a household about 7 days.

2015 Toyota FCV - engine

 2015 Toyota FCV price

2015 Toyota FCV is shown at the Geneva auto show and picked up the only positive reviews. But the sale will not be before 2015 years. Price is still a secret, but the factory claim that the figure will be more than reasonable because this is a car that has a high economic level.

2015 Toyota FCV - price


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