2015 Toyota Corolla redesign and price

2015 Toyota Corolla - front

2015 Toyota Corolla belongs to the family of a smaller vehicle than conventional compact family cars. Toyota is on the market with this car since 1966.

2015 Toyota Corolla design

2015 Toyota Corolla for years was getting better and more functional layout. This is 12 generations, if not the best so far. There will be four variants of the model. These are the L, LE, LE Eco and of course sports S model for those who prefer aggressive driving. The changes are visible and very good. The front grille was redesigned and given a more modern look, and the upper side is connected to the lights. The line has improved aerodynamics and everything is far more advanced. It was announced increased wheelbase and body with four doors. On the outer beauty looks will affect bigger and much better range of new exterior colors.It is assumed that the new generation of 2015 Toyota Corolla will have a lighter chassis that would affect fuel consumption.

2015 Toyota Corolla - design

2015 Toyota Corolla interior

2015 Toyota Corolla will be a real surprise as to the interior. The redesigned cabin displays high style, modern environment and partly sportiness. Seats are for the first time covered with leather, and comfort is on the higher level. Since the equipment can be expected all at the highest technological level. This is exactly what everybody would expect from Japanese companies. 2015 Toyota Corolla in the central area will be equipped with a 6.1 touch screen display. Then the cruise control, navigation system, automatic climate control, satellite radio with the option to use a variety of phone apps, and more. The steering wheel is equipped with a lot of commands that are relevant and easy reach for the driver.

2015 Toyota Corolla - interior

2015 Toyota Corolla engine

2015 Toyota Corolla under the hood will carry inline-4 unit that works with the 1.8 liter engine. This combination leads to 132hp and torque of 128lb/ft. All so packed is teamed with a 6 speed manual transmission. In this way fuel consumption should be reduced. With a single gallon of gasoline would exceed the 27 miles in the city and 34 miles of driving on the highway. But it is possible hybrid version, which is not yet sure.There is only one possibility to model LE Eco obtain motor with better performance. It could be the engine of 140HP and torque of 136lb/ft. Slowly everything is revealed .

2015 Toyota Corolla - engine

2015 Toyota Corolla price

2015 Toyota Corolla is currently still in some ways a secret to the public. It is unknown when could be shown in one of the world’s motor shows. But it should happen this year. Certainly the model prepared for sale in 2015. Its price, according to the announcements could be slightly higher than its predecessor. It would be somewhere around $ 20,000 for the base model. Modern design, high technologies and agrsivan partially sporty style are just one of the reasons to become one of the owners.

2015 Toyota Corolla - price



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8 Responses to 2015 Toyota Corolla redesign and price

  1. joe says:

    when will it become available

  2. eric says:

    s model needs more power. closer to forte. an option for something with around 160-180 would be nice.

  3. mian Nasir Rasheed says:

    New Toyota corolla 2015 look very nice

  4. Betty Navratil says:

    Please have the dashboard made of non- toxic material ( no vinyl ),

    or leather.

    Also, will there be a discount for seniors at the end of 2015 ?

  5. Catherine askew says:

    My Toyota corolla is the BEST car I have ever owned!

  6. m.umappathy says:

    When will available thiscar

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