2015 Toyota Camry refresh and redesign

2015 Toyota Camry - front

2015 Toyota Camry will have to really make an effort to win the competition.The market is full of high-quality models, and only the best survive.

2015 Toyota Camry design

2015 Toyota Camry its design has improved and is in step with all innovations. Exterior is refined, toned and full of elegance. But since the previous model went great, no one believes that the changes will be too much because it’s too risky. The headlights were changed and the quality of materials for the bodywork. Commendable is the possibility of opening the door electronically. Sedan has four doors and of course a truly phenomenal design.

2015 Toyota Camry - design

2015 Toyota Camry interior

2015 Toyota Camry as we all expect offers major improvements in the cabin and equipment. About the comfort of the vehicle does not need to speak. It is simply perfect for driving. All controls are largely adapted to the driver, and does not have much to think about other things than driving, which is very important. The equipment includes many little things some more some less important. What has improved is immediately noticeable, such as armrests, center console and panel parts. The equipment includes accessories that have become a regular at all the cars that are in the class of 2015 Toyota Camry. It should be noted cruise control, Pandora internet radio, Entunes system, air conditioning, and what makes it stand out from some of its competitors is a power moon-roof and JBL audio system. But do not forget the navigation system, the option of leather seats that will be equipped with heaters. All of this is still uncertain until it publishes official information about the standard and variable equipment by the head of the factory.

2015 Toyota Camry - interior

2015 Toyota Camry engines

2015 Toyota Camry will offer two versions of the engine. The first is a 3.5-liter V6 engine that will produce 268HP and will have a peak torque of 248lb/ft. This engine will be available with the SE and KSLE models. Another but weaker 2.5 liter 4 cylinder engine with 178Hp and 170lb/ft. Both engines boast direct fuel injection and reduced fuel consumption. The transfer is unique and it is a 6 speed automatic transmission. In the announcement is the plug-in hybrid with a CVT transmission, which must surely bring great results.

2015 Toyota Camry - engine

2015 Toyota Camry price

2015 Toyota Camry from its first appearance in 1982. year had a big role in the Japanese auto industry. As production grew, so grew the popularity and quality. And with the quality and the price is rising. If you are willing to wait for the 2015 Honda Accord, together with her enjoy driving will have to pay about 25,000 $ up to 40,000$ in depending on which model and accessories you want.

2015 Toyota Camry - price


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