2015 Toyota 4Runner review and price

2015 Toyota 4Runner - front

2015 Toyota 4Runner is a mid-size SUV and Japanese company Toyota is proud to represent him worldwide.This is the sixth generation.

2015 Toyota 4Runner design

2015 Toyota 4Runner is built to exceed where no one can. For all fans of off-road driving this SUV is really the right choice. Because of its wheel can be brought to the limit. It is very hard to come up with any concrete information about the changes that will occur on the 2015 Toyota 4Runner. All of these are still only assumptions. But never mind, for now we’ll settle for that. It is expected  better design and greater ride comfort, but it will not be far from its predecessor. Sports characteristics indicate that it should be explosive and uplifting. The new line should certainly affect the aerodynamics. The front grille is more modern but still that for which the SUV identified. This model will be equipped with the TRD Bilstein shocks, TRD-tuned front springs, TRD front skid plate and other equipment necessary for driving in the wild. On board will still find and 17-inch wheels, dual exhaust system and high-quality range of body colors. What is unique is the incorporation of black front and rear lower bumper, 1.5 “lift for the front of the vehicle and 1″ of additional wheel travel.

2015 Toyota 4Runner - design

2015 Toyota 4Runner interior

2015 Toyota 4Runner has never been presented as a luxury vehicle. But as the year progresses desires of customers grow, so that the changes appear on the vehicle. Changes in interior design and improvement of the technology is getting bigger and better. The interior is equipped with very comfortable partially sports seats. Made of unique material and are very warm color. Unconfirmed information is that the 2015 Toyota 4Runner occur in three models. These are Limited Edition, Base SR5 and Trail Off Road.On the model will depend and the amount of equipment. The cabin will complement the new 7-inch touch screen display, a new sound system with 8 speakers, navigation system, various signals related to safety, and more. Everything speaks to the maximum utilization of such vehicles.

2015 Toyota 4Runner - interior

2015 Toyota 4Runner engine

2015 Toyota 4Runner could receive and hybrid engine, but these are unofficial information. In fact the combination of the engine on electricity and fuel. Everything should be on the highest technological level. Of course, fuel economy will come to the fore, which will appeal to many. All three models should be launched with the same engine options. This place would be occupied 4.0-liter V6 or V8 engine that would provide a power of 270HP. Nothing is confirmed but partly it must be true. Since it’s a big SUV and it is ready for adventure expeditions, the engine must be strong and durable with excellent torque. The assumption is that it will be so.

2015 Toyota 4Runner - engine

2015 Toyota 4Runner price

2015 Toyota 4Runner its price will form in relation to the choice of models and consequently the level of equipment. Normally the basic model SR5 will cost at least, which is somewhere around $ 32,000. But if you distracted by the best and best-equipped Limited Edition model, you need to allocate up to $ 42,000. Certainly, for that money you get a lot. A good time is guaranteed, only to wait to appear on the market.

2015 Toyota 4Runner - price





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