2015 Lincoln Navigator redesign and changes

2015 Lincoln Navigator - front

2015 Lincoln Navigator belonging to high class luxury SUV. This is the fourth generation from Ford Motor Company, and is quite popular in the U.S. market.

2015 Lincoln Navigator design

2015 Lincoln Navigator isn’t experienced refreshments appearance in seven years. Does not deviate much from that distinctive, huge SUV’s that are all accustomed to. External dimensions remain unchanged, and only are redesigned hood and doors of the trunk. The front still embellishes a beautiful large grid of slaughter.There are incorporated new modern LED headlights and underneath in the bottom of the vehicle, fog lights. And tail lights are LED variant whose area occupies the entire width of the thin line. 2015 Lincoln Navigator has a lot of chrome extras, but this will only further strengthens the character and seriousness. When buying, you can also opt for standardun body or extended version with a longer wheelbase, and both versions get 22-inch wheels.

2015 Lincoln Navigator - design

2015 Lincoln Navigator interior

2015 Lincoln Navigator is simply breathtaking all those who go to a cabin. It can carry eight passengers and has a plus two optional seats. Luggage space is huge and you can bring anything that you need. Seats can move in all directions and can be combined in many variations. The materials from which it is made inside,are sophisticated and skillfully blended. All buttons and accessories are in place .There are contol audio system, MiLincoln Touch infotainment system, phone, DVD player, control of ventilation and air conditioning, parking sensors, cameras, etc. The driver can use two LCD touch screen display, as well as the passengers in the rear.Then the analog speedometer and plenty of room for lots of things. Most of the control buttons are located on the steering wheel, which is another plus for the 2015 Lincoln Navigator. Everything is very high quality and very impressive.

2015 Lincoln Navigator - interior

2015 Lincoln Navigator engines

2015 Lincoln Navigator under the hood must also have an impressive engine and then the whole puzzle is assembled. The new engine that will run this giant is EcoBoost 3.5-liter twin-turbo V6 engine. It is supposed to have around 370HP and 430lb/ft of torque. The car has a six-speed automatic transmission that will carry rear-and all-wheel drive. As for CO2 emissions, 2015 Lincoln Navigator should get high marks.Inserted is a completely new air suspension and electric power steering device. All this and a lot of innovation is not completely confirmed yet to prove this awesome SUV.

2015 Lincoln Navigator - engine

2015 Lincoln navigator price

2015 Lincoln Navigator is finally back with many innovations to the market,after seven years. Many expect this SUV with great desire, especially those who have a need for large vehicles. But its price is no small item. So if you want to buy a basic version of 2015 Lincoln Navigator ready to extract up to 60,000 $ and more,depending on the various add-ons.

2015 Lincoln Navigator - price


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