2015 Lancia Ypsilon restyling and price

2015 Lancia Ypsilon - front

2015 Lancia Ypsilon is a model that replaced the Lancia Y10. It is a luxury super mini car of Italian car manufacturer.It is on the market since 1996.

What is the design of the 2015 Lancia Ypsilon?

2015 Lancia Ypsilon will beside its name add the name Elefantino. A new range of body colors is limited to three possible variants. Whichever you choose will be a combination of two colors that should delight everyone. The front grille is known, and resembles the letter U. This model gets a slightly redesigned grille in matt gray or gloss black.On the chassis will be in several places recognizable letter Y. The line is more urban than usual, and designers especially want to attract the female part of the driver, and the younger generation. It is a plan with a model 2015 Lancia Ypsilon. In the lower front part are is built in another part of the lattice, and on it a discrete light lights. Body is with four doors and locks on the rear doors are placed by the window in the upper part.Last part is modernized with a nice triangular lights.On the glass is inscribed the name of Ypsilon.There is also a trademark of Lancia.

2015 Lancia Ypsilon - design

What is the interior of the 2015 Lancia Ypsilon?

2015 Lancia Ypsilon is Improved and modernized. Both in terms of the material and changes in technology. Totally new style and design are tasked to dazzle the viewer. The cabin is very trendy. These are leather seats, steering wheel and gear knob, then special stitches on, urban texture seat Ecochrome dashboard etc. You can select the Romantic Gold or Urban Black color interior. Romantic Gold is a pure fashion and glamor. Special seats that elevate travelers with brown Castiglio embrace. Urban Black is a variant that reflects modern times. At the door and instrument panel governments in much of the black color, while the seats are a combination of black and gray. And if you want something more luxurious you can opt for the Platinum interior appearance. It is a dark brown color as the evolution of gold. The seats are covered with a matte leather and rear seats with headrests.

2015 Lancia Ypsilon - interior

What is the engine in the 2015 Lancia Ypsilon?

2015 Lancia Ypsilon will offer five different engine under the hood. The first is a 1.2 liter V8 FireEvo II with an output of 69HP and 10.4 kgm of torque at 3000rpm. The second is a 0.9-liter V8 TwinAir that produces power of 85H. Promulgated in 2011 for best international engine with excellent performance. The third is the 1.3-liter 16V MultiJet II engine that extracts the maximum power of 95HP and torque of 200lb/ft. The fourth and slightly weaker 1.2-liter Bi-fuel V8 engine that provides low CO2 emissions. And the last, fifth on the list is the 0.9 liter TwinAir Methane V8 engine with an output of 80HP. With this engine under the hood sure it provide the most economical possible ride.

2015 Lancia Ypsilon - engine

What is the price of the 2015 Lancia Ypsilon?

2015 Lancia Ypsilon will probably with the appearance win many hearts. Getting ready to race with a lot of tough competition. The price will be really affordable and according to unofficial information, the basic model could cost around $ 12,000. But with a wide range of engines and equipment cost is really variable.

2015 Lancia Ypsilon - price


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