2015 Honda Vezel specs and release date

2015 Honda Vezel - front


2015 Honda Vezel is smaller urban SUV produced by the company Honda, Japan.Belongs to a class of high-quality urban crossover which is nowadays very blunt.


What is the design of the 2015 Honda Vezel?

2015 Honda Vezel is certainly a modern vehicle with beautiful outward appearance.Line shows the futuristic style of sharp performance and aggression.It uses the same platform as the model Fit.In part, wearing a features of the sporty crossover.By its size is between the Fit and CR-V.It is very comfortable and fun to drive.According to some estimates, one of the finest models in its class.It could be an excellent successor to the Honda Fit.It has a longer length of 7 inches and higher driving position.The front cover is very compact and fitted with high quality headlights.In the lower part are set fog lights.Body has five doors.Locks on the other doors are cleverly hidden and act like they do not exist.The ones that are visible are chrome.Mirrors have excellent aerodynamics and on it are set direction indicator.On the back side is visible an excellent design of the tailgate and roof spoiler, which further affects the good aerodynamics.The lights are larger and provide good visibility.As for the exhaust system on the left side of the vehicle is located at an exhaust pipe.

2015 Honda Vezel - design

What is the interior of the 2015 Honda Vezel?

The interior looks and performance of Honda Vesel belong to the future in every sense.The seats are comfortable made of high quality materials as the rest of the cabin.The steering Wheel is a three-spoke and on it are several buttons to control specific equipment.The center console is relatively flat and in the middle is located the display.In front of the driver are control watches in round shape with a very pleasant light.The equipment will certainly be of high quality as is the custom when it comes to Japanese vehicles.It is still unknown what functions will be found in the equipment.However, the assumption is always there.Thus, it is anticipated that to driver will be available climate, navigation, parking sensors, high-quality audio system, many safety features, etc.

2015 Honda Vezel - interior

What is the engine of the 2015 Honda Vezel?

As far as the engine that will drive the Honda Vesel there are indications that this will be the engine high performance and good fuel.It should be a 1.5 liter 4 cylinder engine.Because it belongs to the class less powerful engine’s fuel consumption will be phenomenal.The good thing is that direct injection is represented.This SUV will have its hybrid version, but there is no information what combination goes under the hood.

2015 Honda Vezel - engine

What is the release date and price of the 2015 Honda Vezel?

2015 Honda Wesel is displayed on the some car exhibits of the world.In Japan, it should be found at the end of this year and in the U.S. in early 2015.Price is still questionable.

2015 Honda Vezel - price

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  1. jayanti bhai jinzala says:

    Honda vezel is nice car

  2. Cha says:

    What price?

  3. rohana says:

    very good car good space good desing

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