2015 Honda Pilot concept and redesign

2015 honda pilot front

2015 Honda Pilot will appear on the market even better and has greatly improved the way we used to when it comes to this manufacturer.

2015 Honda Pilot reveiw and interior

2015 Honda Pilot will be little changed from the previous model.It will be a little more rounded, but time will get to improve the aerodynamics and the appearance.The space between the second and third benches for passengers will receive a larger space.This means that passengers 2015 Honda Pilot can expect more comfort and space while driving.Luggage space is enlarged so you do not have to worry about what to bring,because it fulfilling everyone’s expectations and needs.Were introduced innovations in the change making Honda Pilot because some parts are of aluminum which affects the weight of the car.Enterijer je restilizovan i poboljšan.The seats are leather and have a back surface and improved air conditioning.Cabin receives eight passengers who will have the opportunity to use the USB port,touch screen monitors,different lighting, cameras, and various other accessories offered 2015 Honda Pilot.But the best part is that a large part of these functions will be on the wheel driver. 

2015 honda pilot interior

2015 Honda Pilot engines

2015 Honda Pilot should appear on sale with a V6 engine of 3.5 l, 310 hp and 265ft lbs. and a six-speed automatic transmission for models with drive to all four wheels.CVT will be available with front-wheel drive.Since the 2015 Honda Pilot is by design and manufacture lighter than its predecessor,it will automatically reduce the consumption of fuel which is certainly a big plus for every new car.



2015 Honda Pilot price and release date

2015 Honda Pilot should appear in the version of the four known models LKS,EKS,EKS-L and Touring,but we still do not know the date when it will happen.Rates should not deviate much from the price of the previous model, and their range would be $ 30,000 up to $ 41,000.Depending on how you want to complete your ride and feel the power of the car, that much you will have to pay money. There are enough good reasons to decide for this vehicle. 


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