2015 Honda Fit release date

2015 Honda Fit - front

cabin,2015 Honda Fit as the third generation of this model is shown in a promotional auto show in Detroit.Impressions are very positive for this car.

2015 Honda Fit design

2015 Honda Fit is designed primarily to cover the North American market.Gets a new front design, windows and turns into a real urban car for city use.The body is shortened by 2 inches, width increased by 0.3 inches, but the height remains the same.The passengers and the driver were given more space in the car.The entire layout has been redesigned and looks much more modern and aggressive.Body of 2015 Honda Fit is made of high quality material, with a new front grille and headlights,and in equipment have entered 16-inch alloy wheels.But from a very slanted windscreen and bonnet similar to these wheels look a bit odd.It will be shown that if all is well evaluated and incorporated when it is on the way.

2015 Honda Fit - design

2015 Honda Fit interior

2015 Honda Fit as well as any Japanese offers plenty of options inside the cabin.The seats can be moved up, down, left, right and in many combinations.According to research Honda safest place to store the fuel is in the range below the driver’s seat and the passenger seat and have therefore decided on this amazing step.That’s another thing that makes this car unique.Luggage space is simply amazing for model 2015 Honda Fit.It is designed so that you can simply take everything you need.It’s really improved accessories in the cab.These are cameras on the mirrors which are called expanded view driver,then 7 inch touch screen display, USB port, Bluetooth, hands-free, digital air conditioning, etc.What is interesting is HondaLink applications.This allows for a connection to the Internet radio, Facebook, Twitter, as well as the ability to search a location, time, or e-mail.The seats are more than comfortable, and there is an optional leather seats.

2015 Honda Fit - interior

2015 Honda Fit engine

2015 Honda Fit as a true city car has such engines.Powered by a 1.5 liter engine with 130HP and 114lb/ft.Within a 5 speed manual transmission, while the U.S. market will be offered continuously-variable transmission.But there is something new regarding the model 2015 Honda Fit, which is a hybrid version.This, as it is called JDM model will use a new Earthdreams 1.5-liter 4-cylinder engine and providing 130HP.All in all packaged can provide maximum.

2015 Honda Fit - engine

2015 Honda Fit price

2015 Honda Fit has not yet been officially dropped, but it is assumed to be similar to the current model for the price.This figure ranges from $ 16,000 to $ 20,000.This car can really fulfill all the requirements of city driving, which is now become very dynamic.

2015 Honda Fit - price


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