2015 Honda FCEV review and price

2015 Honda FCEV - front

2015 Honda FCEV is the future that awaits us when it comes to car design.From this we can see in which direction the Honda is headed in terms of design.

What is the design of the 2015 Honda FCEV?

2015 Honda FCEV is the next generation of the best cars available. The exterior at first sight seems a little odd.You wonder whether it is in front of your car or spacecraft. So far only experimented but this model will officialy appear in the. Aerodynamics is perfect and special lines brought to perfection. The chassis is with a lot of tunnel air and the line somehow elongated vehicle. The body is sweeping and has a very low profile. The body is a five-door. Very massive front with a long nail across the full width seems to conceal headlights. In the lower part is the beautiful designed grille, but do not know exactly what lies beneath it. The lines are very sharp and the car does not have rounded parts. The back has a large spoiler which extends as a continuation of the roof and rear window. Lights are provided across the full width, and all the windows are tinted. Door locks are not visible, and mirrors are very rare design, and many wonder how anything seen in them. Rear-wheel fenders are built to cover them almost completely.

2015 Honda FCEV - design

How looks the interior of the 2015 Honda FCEV?

2015 Honda FCEV has a cabin that can accommodate five passengers. The space is used to the maximum and very comfortable. It is impossible to get to some more information because engineers do not want yet to show the interior to the public. The assumption is that it is still not finalized and should undergo some significant changes. But surely that will be paired inside with the outside appearance. Futuristic features, comfortable seats and high quality materials. What everyone should expect. And, as always, Honda has made sure that the technology functions be present all that is now necessary. It is primarily a good audio system, climate, navigation, camera, comfortable lighting and a display. Through it, we can expect most of the control functions. But again nothing is still sure. These are just assumptions.

2015 Honda FCEV - interior

Which engine is under the hood of the 2015 Honda FCEV?

2015 Honda FCEV is a car that first use the fuel cell located in the engine compartment on the front. Or under the hood of the vehicle. This will certainly affect the entire performance. Dimension complete package has been reduced by 30%, but the technological advances of these new cells increased by 60%. The range in flown miles,reached up to 300 miles on a single charge, for which you need the amazing three minutes with a pressure of 70MPa. Power is reflected in 100kW which produce cells. For all this is necessary, the existence of infrastructure for hydrogen, but the Honda was thinking about that. A contract was signed with GM companie to the filling of fuel cells spread throughout the United States by 2020 year.

2015 Honda FCEV - engine

What is the price of the 2015 Honda FCEV?

2015 Honda FCEV will certainly not appear before the arrival of 2015. The first will occur in Japan and America and then in Europe.

2015 Honda FCEV - price


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