2015 Honda CR-V changes and review

2015 Honda CR-V - front

2015 Honda CR-V is a compact SUV vehicle,in production since 1995 by the Company Honda.The CR-V is designated as Compact Recreational Vehicle.

2015 Honda CR-V design

2015 Honda CR-V has always been a reliable and flexible to their drivers. The new design and line provide a place at the top between the competition. Change seems to be applicable to mirrors, doors and trim levels. It also is restyled rear glass on the back door and this time is dimmed. Headlights are equipped with LED lighting, and fog lights are located in the part of the lattice. The new color palette will specifically brighten up the exterior.In the combination are 16-inch alloy wheels and 17-inch steel.The front cover is made in the form of three chrome tubes that extend from one to the other headlight. Rear lighting is built up and down from the roof over the door to half of the vehicle. The rear bumper is made of high quality plastic.

2015 Honda CR-V - design

2015 Honda CR-V interior

2015 Honda CR-V should get a very high quality and modern cabin. In the central area located to the touch screen of 7 inches, and it controls the new audio system. Installing the DVD player is still under question, as well as other features that are uncommon for this SUV. The seats are of high quality and comfortable material, if desired, it is possible to get leather seats.In the equipment should also be a system for automatic parking, blind spot camera, rear cross-traffic alert, power liftgate, and more. But there is still no official announcement from the factory. In any case, the steering wheel of 2015 Honda Accord should have quite commands in order to facilitate driving. Of course in this age it is hard to imagine such a vehicle without air conditioning, parking sensors, air beg a lot more electronics.

2015 Honda CR-V - interior

2015 Honda CR-V engines

2015 Honda CR-V should perhaps inherit engine from its predecessor. If this happens it will be a 2.4 liter 4 cylinder engine with an output of 185HP and torque of 163lb/ft. The engine could then be matched with a 5 speed automatic transmission. The choice will be front-drive or all-wheel drive. 2015 Honda CR-V will have an average fuel consumption of one gallon at 26mph. But there is a possibility that this SUV will get a direct injection engine, which would reduce fuel consumption. These are still only assumptions and stories.

New 1.6 diesel engine in the 2015 Honda CR-V.


According to the latest findings under the hood of the new CR-V will appear another diesel engine.It is a 1.6-liter i-DTEC diesel engine.The vehicle has become much more efficient and vigorous on the road.Exhaust emissions are reduced and also the fuel consumption.This good efficiency is achieved through the Eco Assist system, which is connected to the motor.As for the exhaust gases currently has the lowest emissions of all vehicles in its class.The engine develops a maximum speed of 113mph.Belongs to a group of new Eart Dreams engines.The goal is a minimum of environmental pollution with maximum efficiency.All engines in this class are made from aluminum and are light weight.What has made Japanese company with this project is very impressive and it is a big step into the future.

2015 Honda CR-V - engine



2015 Honda CR-V price

2015 Honda CR-V will be produced in three different levels.These are EX-L, EX and LX. The price will not be the same for all. The equipment is different and based on that will create value. Display should be scheduled for the end of autumn and the sale for 2015. The assumptions are that the basic model costing around 24,500 $ a model with full equipment about 32,000$.

2015 Honda CR-V - price



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2 Responses to 2015 Honda CR-V changes and review

  1. mike evonek says:

    Will the 2015 Honda CRV have smart key and push button start ?

  2. brian says:

    My 2012 CR-V will be my last Honda. Honda has ruined their vehicles with that stupid cvt transmission, in my opinion. I had a rental car with several days with that kind of transmission and absolutely hated it. I’m so disappointed.

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