2015 GMC Yukon price and review

2015 GMC Yukon - front

2015 GMC Yukon is a full-size SUV. General Motors produces this 5 door wagon since 1992. There is a big version of the Yukon and is known as a Denali model.

2015 GMC Yukon design

2015 GMC Yukon at a glance shows exactly what is expected of such vehicle. The high style, beautiful new design and strength. Every detail has been carefully designed and integrated. New large grille with a prominent company logo is still present. This time is framed with chrome trim, and all together it’s a little drawn out, is not really in line with the headlights. LED lights are new and with a new form with a lot of good looks. Inevitable fog lights are in the lower front part. They also framed in chrome. All together is very solid and secure. For a lot of places are enclosed chrome details. Like the locks, doors, back and etc. In short exterior design of 2015 GMC Yukon is much more modern and contemporary. With the new line and better angles get a race against time, but also with the technology. The engineers took care to be presented perfectly and won the hearts at first sight. Contribution makes and 20-inch alloy wheels excellent design. All together is very impressive.

2015 GMC Yukon - design

2015 GMC Yukon interior

2015 GMC Yukon SUV in which it is perfectly possible to enjoy in every aspect. The interior is comfortable and equipped with all the possible accessories. The seats are large and comfortable, and the stitches are visually expressed. Incorporates details of wood and aluminum. But like any American full-size SUV this one is full of useful and functional equipment. The details are still unknown, but it certainly will not miss anything. Safety will ensure lane-departure warning, rear cross-traffic alert, airbags, Back-Up Camera, auto brakes, anti-collision, and more. The cabin is equipped with various compartments for small items, touch screen Moitor, new Bose audio system, USB, navigation system, and parking sensors, air-conditioning and so on. In order to reduce the noise gate are triple sealed, specially designed mirrors,windshield and doors. Incorporating Valved exhaust system also contribute to the tranquility of riding. It should be noted that the interior provides three rows of seats that can be moved and combined in many ways. Luggage space provides a great opportunity to bring different baggage. Passengers in the back two benches are able to enjoy the entertainment provided by the built-in monitors and entertainment system. It would be a lot more to be given but we will leave something as a surprise.

2015 GMC Yukon - interior

2015 GMC Yukon engine

2015 GMC Yukon boasts the latest Eco Tec3 V8 engines with high performance, torque and fuel consumption. Directly refers to the injection, Active Fuel Management and Variable Valve Timing optimize fuel efficiency and power. It is possible to use 5.3-liter engine with an output of 355HP and torque of 383lb/ft. And if you need more power there is a 6.2 liter engine with 420HP and a whopping torque of 460lb/ft. Both engines are combined with a 6 speed automatic transmission. To drive a highly comfortable 2015 GMC Yukon is equipped with some impressive additions. Like new electric power steering for improved management, new air control, Gen3 Magnetic Ride Control that is able to read the road up to 1,000 times per second, and many other. Everything you can only imagine, is included.

2015 GMC Yukon - engine

2015 GMC Yukon price

2015 GMC Yukon will be produced as a model Yukon and Yukon XL. Depending on your needs shall be determined within one of these two options. Basically not much different. XL is a bit bigger and a little more equipment than a function of the classical model. Suitable for larger families. Since this is really a great car it price is not very low. If the choice is a basic model you will pay about 40.000$, but if you decide to become an owner of XL the price jumps up to 65,000$. It’s really not negligible figure, but what you get is the luxury, comfort, great features and power.

2015 GMC Yukon - price


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