2015 Ford Focus redesign and review

2015 Ford Focus - front

2015 Ford Focus first appeared in 1998 as a member of the lower middle class car and slowly today won many hearts of fans of the American auto industry.

2015 Ford Focus design

2015 Ford Focus 2015 Ford Focus as the third generation of Focus has undergone little change to the body. It appears with a new large grille, which reminds a little of the masks of some other cars, but it is left to you to recognize. The hood was redesigned and consequently headlights. Changes have occurred in the front and rear bumpers, fenders and background signals. Surely it will all look together better and more aggressively as you would expect from the 2015 Ford Focus. Aerodynamics should improve as the restyled bodywork. In principle, nothing is known for sure everything is still just speculation.

2015 Ford Focus - design

2015 Ford Focus interior

2015 Ford Focus 2015 Ford Focus will certainly be improved and its internal layout. Basically there is no one hundred percent accurate information, but overheard that the beautiful and comfortable materials provide a nice stay in the car, to driver and front passenger. Cab should be slightly increased with more room for feets. Like most cars and 2015 Ford Focus has been working on security, which is reinforced and raised to a higher level. Adds a touch screen display and a satellite navigation system, a multitude of buttons that are still speculating what they do.

2015 Ford Focus - interior

2015 Ford Focus engines

2015 Ford Focus has different variants of engine choice. The choice fell on the 1.0-liter EcoBoost with 98HP up to 2.0 liter engine and 247HP. Customers in Russia, Brazil and China will buy the vehicle from the 1.5-liter diesel and petrol Motorised, and plans to model the electricity that would have 192HP. Will be combined gasoline-electric or pure electric. If you choose to supply reckon you exceed about 20 miles on a single charge.Around the gearbox there is no information on this issue and we have to be a little patient.

2015 Ford Focus - engine

en2015 Ford Focus price

2015 Ford Focus has not yet experienced its official appearance. The heads of Ford Motor Company has all the news hide, so we all hope a nice surprise. Competition is quite large especially for automobile caliber as the 2015 Ford Focus. This gives a clear message that the model has to be better, more beautiful, stronger and more aggressive than a competitor. The  sure price is unknown, but the prognosis are that it will go from 17,000$ to 35.000$ for the ful version.

2015 Ford Focus - price




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