2015 Dodge Ram redesign and release date

2015 Dodge Ram - front

2015 Dodge Ram as a very good quality pickup returns to the race with many improvements.All this and more is waiting for you.So  let’s take a look.

2015 Dodge Ram design

2015 Dodge Ram to keep pace with the time and stay on top,had to undergo some changes in the body.But innovation is a positive.We get modern, luxurious and working pickup.The front side is enriched with a large chrome mask on which is of course the company logo.This is what does not change.Large LED headlights get halogen projectors, beneath which is a massive chrome bumper.At the rear, the bumper and the door to the boot were changed, and the lights are the same as in the previous model.When everything looks fantastic range and quality at a high level is really high estimate 2015 Dodge Ram.His tractive effort brought even at 9,200 pounds.

2015 Dodge Ram - design

2015 Dodge Ram interior

2015 Dodge Ram has a functional but at the same time refined interior.The seats are comfortable, upholstered in high-quality materials.The improved equipment includes a navigation system, electric power steering device, a modern hi-tech equipment, the reduction of noise and vibration, etc.Depending on the amount of equipment you will have five levels.Of course we should not forget that this is primarily a vehicle for work and various unfavorable terrain.So when you look at all of this imagine the extent to which the auto industry went today.

2015 Dodge Ram - interior

2015 Dodge ram engines

2015 Dodge Ram will get a new engine.It is a 3.0-liter V6 diesel engine,with 240KS and 420lb/ft, and is also called Eco Diesel.Will be accompanied by eight-speed automatic transmission with a transmission to all four wheels.From 0 to 60 mph speeds for only 8.5 seconds, and a maximum speed of 10mph.Fuel economy is fascinating and really is beyond any competition.On the open road with 1 gallon will move 25 miles away, in the city, the figure drops to 18 mph.There are six models of 2015 Dodge Ram pickup truck.These are Laramie, Laramie Longhorn, Tradesman, Big Horn, SLT and Outdoorsman.There were stories about the new engine.It is a 5.7 L Hemi V8 that actually its strength frightening.But it has not yet been confirmed by the head of the company.

2015 Dodge Ram - engine

2015 Dodge Ram price

2015 Dodge Ram should be found on sale early next year.Strengthened, beautified and modernized it is the perfect truck for every need.Its price is not yet official and is assumed to be similar to the predecessor.That figure is $ 29,500. But is not every dollar justified? 

2015 Dodge Ram - price


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    release date?

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    Maybe I missed it but is there a release date?

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    When is release date?

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