2015 Chrysler 200 review and release date

2015 Chrysler 200 - front

2015 Chrysler 200 was recently shown at the auto show in Detroit and took only positive reviews. The model will come out on sale in 2015.

2015 Chrysler 200 design

2015 Chrysler 200 is a vehicle of the middle class. The new line is fantastically designed, because it resembles the coupe and it is realy sedan really. All the curves of the trunk to the top of the hood are sophisticated and balanced perfectly. When it comes to aerodynamics while driving air resistance is almost imperceptible. The front cover is  classic, thin and  provided from one lamp to another. In the lower part, the engineers put a new more beautiful perforated grille. In the middle of 2015 Chrysler 200 is of course a sign of the company. The offer will include ten different and high quality body colors. The wheels, which will further enhance and brighten Chrysler are in the range of 17 to 19 inches. Headlights are modern and will provide daylight with High-Intensity Discharge. Also an option is the LED technology for both the last and the fog lights. Automatic High-Beam Headlamp Control System will automatically reduce the required beam of light if a vehicle is coming to meet them. Of course this means during night driving. Truly impressive features of the exterior of the limousine.

2015 Chrysler 200 - design

2015 Chrysler 200 interior

2015 Chrysler 200 cabin is part sport, with very comfortable seats which provide a beautiful ride.It is able to use memory and seat heating. But no less important, the rear seats can be lowered down to option 60/40 and also have excellent characteristics.The trunk has a capacity of 16 cubic feet. There is also a USB port, touch screen of 8.4 inches, SiriusXM satellite radio, integrated voice control, phone port, HD audio etc. 2015 Chrysler 200 is possible to start on the button, but as long as the key is in the cabin. Unlocking is possible even at 200 feet. You can control via keys,programmable air conditioning and heated steering wheel. In front of the driver’s eyes is a DID display, and it contains all the functions of the vehicle, inside and out. On the steering wheel there is a lot of functions. Among other things, cruise control and audio controls, which means a lot to many. For the even greater pleasure, you can opt for the classic sunroof or a special dual-pane sunroof that covers most of the roof. Very impressive equipment and performance.

2015 Chrysler 200 - interior

2015 Chrysler 200 engine

2015 Chrysle 200 will allow the driver to drive aggressive and powerful. It provides a 2.4-liter 4-cylinder engine which pushes 184hp and a torque of 173lb/ft. If you need something stronger, select 3.6-liter V6 engine and its staggering 295HP and torque of 262lb/ft. All this is even better when paired with a 9 speed automatic transmission which has a Rotary E-shift. His job is to make sure that transfer between speed be without interference and to run perfectly. Drive is to the front wheels. And when you have such a temperamental car then you must think of safety. This will take care of eight airbags, Adaptive Cruise Control, Forward Collision Warning, Active Braking etc. In addition to all this, you can really feel safe.

2015 Chrysler 200 - engine

2015 Chrysler 200 price

2015 Chrysler 200 is provided in four variants.In the sale will be a model 200LX, 200 Limited, 200C and 200S. Everyone will ever find something interesting. As a model 200 appeared in January this year for the first time in Detroit at the International Motor Show. Many were impressed and amazed by what they saw. He picked up a lot of positive reviews, so the company hopes that sales will go that way. Its price ranges from $ 21,700 for the base model, up to $ 25,995 for the best equipped version. The figures are not so great considering what is  offered and what you get.

2015 Chrysler 200 - price


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