2015 Buick Grand National specs and price

2015 Buick Grand National - front

2015 Buick Grand National was once prestige for anyone who was able to drive it. Dates back to 1982 and once was called the Buick Regal.

2015 Buick Grand National design

2015 Buick Grand National will appear as the sedan version and will have a platform with rear-wheel drive. The interior of the vehicle is completely changed.Because the previous model had the appearance and characteristics of a sports car. The line shows a high degree of aggressiveness and sharpness. The front still carries a large grille with vertical compartments. In the redesigned hood is a great fit for the intake air, but because of the rather sharp lines do not bother to road visibility. Headlights are relatively small but well-doing their job.They are ideally incorporated as the fog lights, which are located just below. Last part is also very stylish and the trunk has a small spoiler. It is quite certain that the 2015 Buick Grand National will be equipped with alloy wheels.

2015 Buick Grand National - design

2015 Buick Grand National interior

2015 Buick Grand National boasts a cozy and comfortable cabin. What makes the vehicles known is a lots of room for all passengers. The seats are upholstered with top-quality materials as the rest of the interior.Can expect a high level of equipment.Those which are relating to safety and responsible thing for fun. Should be present display, navigation system, parking sensors, cameras, and General Motors OnStar. Cabin will be equipped with audio system with satellite radio and a premium sound system. Communication will certainly be facilitated through a variety of technological functions of higher level.

2015 Buick Grand National - interior

2015 Buick Grand National engines

2015 Buick Grand National under its hood will certainly have a great motor eith great  performance and good quality. The first to be able to take these epithets is 2.0 liter 4-cylinder engine that will develop the power of 272Hp and torque of 260lb/ft. Second on the list is a little stronger 3.6-liter V6 engine and will produce power by a whopping 400HP. It is noted that this is the last traction, but there are indications that the transfer could be on all four wheels. Of course this is only optional. Transmission could be 8 speed manual or automatic.

2015 Buick Grand National - engine

2015 Buick Grand National price

2015 Buick Grand National has primarily task to attract a wide range of customers. For this reason, its price should not be high. The car could reach a price of about  30,000$ and the first show will be before the arrival of 2015.

2015 Buick Grand National - price


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36 Responses to 2015 Buick Grand National specs and price

  1. Rich R says:

    As the owner of four 1987 Turbo Buick Regal’s including a Grand National I would like to thank GM for making my 87’s more valuable as this is a sacrilege to the 87 and further proves GM can screw up a wet dream.
    If GM can do a good job with the Camaro then why can’t they do something like that with the Grand National, no one and I mean no one wants a 4 door Grand National as that is not a Grand National.
    Even if it was free I wouldn’t want one, GM had a chance to do something good and yet again screwed this up.

    • james says:

      Dodge did it with the magnum and charger. Its atleast a step in the right direction for Buick to get away from the senior citizen styling

    • Michael J says:

      If it were free, you absolutely would want it. Who are you trying to kid. You’re being a tad heavy on the melodramatics. A “sacrilege” over 4 doors? Really??? C’mon! Look at that thing. It’s pretty Damn cool. I’d love to see a 2 door myself. But a 400 hp V6?! I’ll deal with the convenience of the 2 extra doors! U out would too & you KNOW it. :)

    • G m w says:

      I owned one and 4 doors are welcome. They could make it optional though for people that don’t understand. $30k almost sounds free.

    • Rocco says:

      “Sacrilege” was one of the first words that came to mind. They should have approached it in the mindset of the newer Dodge Challenger that actually looks like a throwback to a classic muscle car.

    • navarro k says:

      Speak for yourself old man, I own a V, to make a 4 door version of this bad boy is a great idea, this is a new generation. It seems they offer both a 2 and a 4 so whats the big deal? No one wants that old boxy style anymore.

    • BobA says:

      I bought my 1987 GN in Nov of 1986. I still have it 28000 miles on it.I would buy a Buick GNX in a minute if it had at least 400HP. It should have AWD since I like drag racing and would like the car to have no traction problems. I like the V Sport Cad but only 2wd. I don’t care about doors, 2 or 4 make no difference to me. If GM doesn’t price it too high I wood buy one.

    • Joe says:

      The 87 GN and GNX were shit boxes as well as this new one. All it is a re-badged Holden HSV just like the new SS and the 9C1 Caprice. GM should of kept Pontiac and got rid of Buick, nothing says old fart like the Buick nameplate.

      • 4 Bolt says:

        You are such hater, Buick alway has been a sleeper for years, great cars and I will buy another Buick in time.

  2. Pete Burdzel says:

    Geez, does anyone bother to proofread this script? I’m glad to see that it has a turbo v6, and a rear wheel drive, but, GM, did you forget that the grand national is a 2 door sedan?

  3. Remy says:


    Not buying one unless it’s available as a coupe. If you make a coupe, I will buy this car. No joke.

  4. tyler says:

    A grand national is a two door. NOT A 4 DOOR

  5. John says:

    why does this car look exactly like a BMW?

  6. Marilyn says:

    This is a disgrace, it looks like every other car. I own a 87 Grand National, bought it new, and it is a CLASSIC.

  7. David Reppel says:

    Four doors are practical. Looks slick.

  8. Justin Linkenfelter says:

    It says optional awd. Also, what is the smaller pic at the top of the page? Is that this in a coupe version or is that the ats coupe?

  9. juan rodriguez says:

    Take a CTS-V coupe put all the grand national styling on it with the V6 turbo then you have something I would buy

  10. Jennifer B T says:

    Absolutely love this car! For someone who grew up admiring the Grand National, it’s awesome to be to able to add a family to the sports- luxury car for the next generation. Granted the original was a 2 door. As we learn times change and so does style, although it appears people don’t. When the car is available, hopefully they can rewrite an article with a more accuracy and professionalism.

  11. Ruben Cortina says:

    It looks aggressive, I like it. Its Beautiful. Seniors were young some time and deserve a sport sedan also. Dont make reference at seniors
    because there are many that drives Corvetes.

  12. Jim Marshall says:

    Wow,this car has my attention. Love it.

  13. Johna61 says:

    I do consider all the ideas you’ve presented on your post. They’re really convincing and can certainly work. Still, the posts are very brief for novices. May just you please extend them a little from next time? Thanks for the post. kbkfeafgeacc

  14. peter boone says:

    How about a biturbo allwheel drive version , or can’t the engineers handle that .

  15. rkcre says:

    What a beautiful car! Why are people complaining? It does NOT look exactly like a BMW or a Mercedes but it sure rivals them both. About time we had an American made car that combines luxury, class, and sporty looks. Those people still clinging to the ideas of the 89 Grand National look around, things have changed!!

  16. KevinW says:

    The interior picture shows 3 pedals. Can I really get it in a stick? I’ll trade a manual trans for 2 more doors any time!

  17. Lewis Smith says:

    Well, I had two of the great 1987 machines, and this is a far cry from the Classic.
    Skip the 4 cylinder and build a V6 coupe and maybe it would work. Please no 4 cylinder, that just stinks.

  18. Nelson E Ocsio says:

    Ok so its a 4 door would I like a 2 door & yes could they have tried to make it look a little more Like the 86-87 Vette eaters. I own an 86 and the fact that they have a Manuel version love it, Buick scrap the 2.0 & give them both more ponies, and once again spank the Vette,mustang & all others. In parting & this is very important where is the turbo 6 emblem ?

  19. H. Syme. says:

    Retired GM.Design Staff. GM. Tech Center.Ownd 85 G.N. with digital dash. Project manager and designer on G.N. numbered As friends. My 85 Was A Buick Division car. Was behind the the wheel of The fi

    rst GNX built.It had a brass plate on the dash that said GNX 1. We painted one pearlescent White in our paint shop. The only all WHITE GRAND NATIONAL. A letter was in my collection from Runkle then head of Chevrolet Division questioning how Buick could have created the GN. that ate vets. He was not a happy camper with his comments. The G.N. was an A body. The G.N. was produced for four yoears. it was the fastest production car ever built up to that time. The car was under braked. The master brake cylinder was made out of cast metal and should have been made out of brass. The Chevrolet SS. at that time was faster out of the hole. The way the G.N. could beat them was to do a brake torque.
    The Grand National was a Buick Regal. The Buick Regal was redesigned as the car was and older design and that platform had been had been around for a long time and the dies were wearing out so GM. desided not to retool. The G.N. went with the A body Buick Regal. As the Regal
    went so did the Grand Nation.

  20. mike murphy says:

    they must make a 2 door gn-gnx…retro style..i saw a photo online of a beautiful prototype that looked alot like 82-87 style..dont make the bad decision to ruin what a gn is–like you did with the new gto …if a gn happens it must rule the streets….take your time and listen to what people want..cts-v style..camaro could have been alot better,i did not buy one because nobody cant fit in back seat..will buy a challenger hellcat or v if no real grand national ..make t-typs for reg people..but a gn is a bad ass 2 door fast pavement melting machine-and should stay that way…….go retro and i will get one….thats what america wants….and should be built in usa-flint?

  21. Bernie says:

    I had a no frills standard 1984 Regal. It wasn’t a turbo. I really like the looks of the new Grand National. I would only buy an automatic…manuals stink in my opinion. The only issue I have is that the standard non-turbo V6 will be on the weak side. I can see a new GNX on my local lot selling for about 50K….really. That’s what they get locally for a loaded Cadillac ATS.

  22. Mike Tynan says:

    It’s nice that Buick brought back the Grand National. I think you must understand that there’s a couple of ways to bring back cars. The new Camaro is a retro piece and the grand national is a new generation. As much as I disliked 4 doors back in the day it’s relatively well accepted by the current generation. Many examples…. This Grand National should have had two versions 2 and 4 door as well as an intercooled V8, like the CTS-V and maybe it should only be offered in black.

  23. Charlie Allison says:

    Does it come in old-fogey beige?

  24. Bobbito says:

    Gnx are not bought for family drive. Its ment for blowing off steam away from family. 2 doors mean so much when your out for a cruise. It says, I’m enjoying the day, and the day is mine with a companion that wants to relish the ride with me…

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