2015 BMW X5 review and redesign

2015-BMW-X5 - front

2015 BMW X5 will again present itself  in the best possible light.No model that came out of the factory did not bring the voice of the poor car, and certainly not now.

2015 BMW X5 redesign

2015 BMW X5 redesign will definitely get a new interior and exterior design in an enhanced form.The improvements will be reflected in the functions of the car and its weight by replacing certain materials in the production of the body.2015 BMW X5 is SUV type vehicles and will therefore retain the form of strong and massive giant.This feature will enable the wide radiator grille that almost connects headlamps equipped with LED lights.Security has been raised to a higher level by inserting airbags in the windshield.Enriched with new suspension, alloy wheels of 19 inches and better tires than its predecessor, great braking system with four tailpipes ago, X5 is sure to raise sales.


2015 BMW X5 interior

2015 BMW X5 will enhance and redesign the space for driver and passengers.Information is that the car will get a LCD display of 10.25 inches, free-standing navigation system, iDrive contact program, sports suspension, sports seats, and there is a display for ventilation control and air conditioning.Standard models 2015 BMW X5 offer will have elements from the BMW Individual program, and to have certain colors of car, different wheels and a choice of colors and materials for the cabin.Blue, red and yellow lights, instrument panel can be combined as desired, or taking certain combinations of factory.The complete instrument panel is based on the Black Panel technology.


2015 BMW X5 engines

2015 BMW X5 also has a diverse selection of motors.There are 3.0 liter 6 cylinder diesel engine 381HP combined with an 8 speed automatic transmission and permanent four-wheel.Average fuel consumption of the engine is 6.7l/100km and up to 100km / h in 5.3 seconds.They offer a tri-turbo inline six-cylinder engine of 190 kW and 258HP,new generation of V8 engines of 330kW and 450HP and 4.4-liter twin-turbo V8 engine with 555HS.BMW will produce hybrid X5 with 4 cylinder 2.0 liter turbo engine which creates 245HP and electric motor power 95HP with lithium-ion battery.

2015 BMW X5 engines

2015 BMW X5 price

2015 BMW X5 as any German car constantly improves the quality of the entire auto industry, which is of course accompanied by a price tag.It’s always been that of a certain quality you need to pay good money.So if your desire is 2015 BMW X5 you should at least start to set aside about $ 90,000,but it can be more depending on your needs and capabilities. 

2015 BMW-X5-price

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