2015 BMW M4 specs and review

2015 BMW M4 - front

2015 BMW M4 is a product of the German giant manufacturer, among others, and sports cars. M4 enters the market as a replacement for the M3 model but better.

2015 BMW M4 design

2015 BMW M4 their outward appearance at first glance, take away the air. At that moment, you want to sit at the helm. The body is perfectly done with the ideal sporty lines and superb materials.Carbon fibers are drawn into the roof, roof rack, trunk, and front strut brace. Of course it remains to be shown the good side of this move. Edition of the front suspension is done with aluminum components and braking will be entrusted with carbon-ceramic brakes. Vehicle width is increased and redesigned the hood. If you love dangerous and aggressive driving in your 2015 BMW M4 can be put adaptive M suspension. This option gives you a completely different driving mode. The exterior is more enriched with rain sensors and power glass sunroof with remote control. The headlights are equipped with LED lights and distinctive guise. On the side,between the fender and the door is a very nice air vents, known as the gills. The back is a little changed, but resembles that of a good BMW who we used to see.

2015 BMW M4 - design

2015 BMW M4 interior

2015 BMW M4 has an interior that befits such car. Sports, aggressive, modern and functional. In the equipment is the latest version of the iDrive, with a touch pad control. The car will be associated with BMW ConnectedDrive application. This is just one of the high technology that will be represented in this sports car.It is inserted a new security system that includes pedestrian collision warning, adaptive cruise control, adaptive high beams, system stability, auto-leveling headlights, etc. From equipment we will enumerate what is the most interesting and is a universal remote, the air filter with activated carbon, cooling compartments, turn signal in mirrors, dual illuminating vanity mirrors, and more. For communication within the 2015 BMW M4 will take care a new sound system, telephone connection and wireless connection. As you are at home. Everything is at your fingertips. The list would be lengthy if we listed everything that is in the cabin. First of all, the most important is that it is cozy and comfortable to drive. You’ll feel comfortable and very powerful.

2015 BMW M4 - interior

2015 BMW M4 engines

2015 BMW M4 on the roads comes with 3.0 liter 6 cylinder engine with two turbines. Produce output of 425HP and peak torque of 295lb/ft. But the announcement is a new 4.0-liter V8 engine with a whopping 425HP, while torque increases to 406lb/ft fantastic. The use of new and better materials will certainly result in improved fuel economy. To transfer will take care a 6-speed or 7-speed automatic transmission with double clutch. 2015 BMW M4 factory gets REV system maintenance from changing the motor speed. Acceleration is realistic racing which befits such an athlete. From 0 to 60 mph sprint in 3.9 seconds. An impressive figure. All four wheel have a independent suspension and front and rear stabilizer bar. Reading of each new data increasingly are positively surprised.

2015 BMW M4 - engine

2015 BMW M4 price

2015 BMW M4 should appear for the first time by this summer. The first will be offered to customers in Europe and later in America. What is criticized only in relation to this car is the height of its price. There are stories that the quality is really undeniable, but the good part of the driver is unavailable . If your choice is 2015 BMW you will have to pay about $ 64,000 for the base model.

2015 BMW M4 - price


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