2015 Bentley SUV review and price

2015 Bentley SUV - front

2015 Bentley SUV is an product of English company Bentley Motors Limited. This is one of the most luxurious SUV in the world with great look.

2015 Bentley SUV design

2015 Bentley SUV with its design and the line will certainly take nothing but praise and rise to the top among the competition. Platform on wich will be created is a combination of vehicles Touareg and Porsche Cayenne. Exterior belongs to a class of high luxury. Anyone wh is looking for the perfect family vehicle this is the right choice. Comfort is at its peak and opportunities.On the front is set a large rectangular grid that is known for Bentley vehicles. The new LED headlights remain large circular, as well as fog lights that are just below. The back is decorated with square lights, with bulbs that shine like eyes. The tailgate opens in two parts. The top half of the glass is raised, and the bottom is lowered down. This gives you the makeshift table or bench. Exhaust pipes are enormous elliptical and tweaked by one on each side. All put together on a very large alloy wheels.

2015 Bentley SUV - design

2015 Bentley SUV interior

2015 Bentley SUV has an amazing interior.Every part must simply be characterized as luxurious. The seats are very comfortable and all of the finest materials. The combination of white leather and wood is really fantastic. Since the equipment is present, we can say it almost everything. From air conditioners, cameras, security functions, collapsible display in the central part, to the superior audio equipment, entertainment system for passengers, displays at the back of the cabin, collapsible mini fridge in the trunk and enough space to accommodate everyone comfortably. A lot of the commands will be located at the wheel of a car, which will be partly covered with leather and have the chrome trims. The control panel in front of the driver is pretty simple and analogous. But it’s really fascinating how fit in the wooden interior.

2015 Bentley SUV - interior

2015 Bentley SUV engines

2015 Bentley SUV under its hood must have a strong machine to properly run this SUV. That place will likely occupy the same engine as in the Continental GT model. It is a 6.0-liter twin-turbo W12 engine that will develop the power of 560Hp and a whopping torque of 479lb/ft. The second is a slightly weaker 4.0-liter twin-turbo V8 engine with an output of 500Hp and torque of 487lb/ft. Both engines are combined with a double-clutch and eight speed automatic transmission.

2015 Bentley SUV - engine

2015 Bentley SUV price

2015 Bentley SUV should appear in public at the beginning of 2015. For that reason, a lot of information is untrusted, and it is impossible to be certain. As for the rates should not expect low price. It is anticipated that this SUV with the title of the most luxurious,cost as much as 200,000$.

2015 Bentley SUV - price



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