2015 Audi TT price and release date


2015 Audi TT is similar to its predecessor and will have a distinctive rounded shape and a sporty look to what we are used to when it comes to this model.

2015 Audi TT design

2015 Audi TT by its creators plan to become a leader in its class with an improved, slightly larger but lighter bodywork.We can expect a redesigned front grille and improved angular headlamps equipped with LED lights.The rear of the 2015 Audi TT will undergo some changes, but certainly for the better.The car is built on Volkswagen Group’s platform which will affect the weight of the vehicle.Rain sensor and rear defogger will help you to drive on a rainy day.Aluminium wheels are included with the standard equipment.

2015-audi-TT - design


2015 Audi TT Interior

2015 Audi TT has in his cabin all you need.Equipment is technologically enhanced escorted to the needs of customers and drivers.This car carries cruise control, plenty of space for storing little things,universal remote,12V power supply, telescopic steering wheel, and of course nowadays unavoidable air conditioning.2015 Audi TT can really give you much more in addition to the above,so we have to mention the add-ons that have become everyone’s needs.These are the sensors for the sun, connection for telephone and Bluetooth, and wireless data connection.The seats are of course sports but made of soft and comfortable leather.The central console has been redesigned as well as the steering wheel.There are many things that brighten this little guy.

2015 Audi TT - interior

2015 Audi TT engines

2015 Audi TT in the standard version will run 2.0-liter turbo engine with 220HP,while in the model TTS will be packed 300HP.Of course, we should mention the inevitable TT RS with no less 380HP and turbo inline 5 cylinder engine.Drive to all four wheels should be on all models but it is not decided for sure.As for the gearbox,2015 Audi TT in its part will have a six-speed manual or automatic transmission, while the TT RS should have a double clutch.

Audy TT-engine-4

2015 Audi TT price

2015 Audi TT with its improvements and new look should have to justify its price, which is certainly not small.The first price is about $ 45,000 for the base model, but it is not known to what numbers will go installation of additional equipment.So if you want 2015 Audi TT prepare deep pockets and patience to his appearance early next year.




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